Future Vision

If we are to return to a sustainable development pathway, it means making changes in four fundamental ways. First it is necessary to improve the resource-efficiency with which goods and services are produced. Second we must consume resources more efficiently and redress the disparity in consumption between high and low-income countries. Third population growth must be controlled by promoting universal education and health care. And, finally, it is Imperative that we protect, manage and restore natural ecosystems in order to conserve biodiversity and maintain ecological services and so conserve and enhance the planet’s biological productivity for the benefit of present and future generations. WWF.

Urgent call for a fair deal‏

The climate talks are coming down to the wire and we just got word of bad news — the EU, the US, Canada and Australia are trying to dodge responsibility for being the major polluters on the planet.

This could derail any chance of a deal.

For years, UN climate negotiations have been based on the principle that as rich countries have caused most of the climate crisis, they have to move to cut pollution faster than those countries which are less responsible, and support them to adapt and shift to clean energy. But last night(10/12/2015), richer nations tried to water down this principle of fairness — a crucial part of a successful agreement.

A turning point in human history…

It’s called net-zero human emissions — a balancing of what we release into the air and what is taken out — and when the dust settles and the Paris Agreement is in the hands of lawmakers, clean energy will be the best, cheapest, and most effective way to keep their promise. This gives us the platform we need to realize the dream of a safe future for generations!

Out of great crises, humanity has borne beautiful visions. World War II gave rise to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an enduring standard for our spirit and capacity as one people. The fall of Apartheid led South Africa to the single most bold and progressive constitution in the world.





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